17 May 2024

From 15 to 17 May 2024, the XXIX edition of the Salone Internazionale del Restauro took place, in Ferrara, a point of reference for those involved in the conservation of cultural and environmental heritage. The 2024 edition presented a rich program of conferences, educational workshops, workshops, seminars and round-tables, with the participation of the Ministry of Culture (MiC).

The first day conference, Wednesday 15 May, was dedicated to the presentation of the Horizon Europe GREENART project – GREen ENdeavor in Art ResToration”, with the participation of CSGI partners, MiC-SABAP CH PE, CNR ISPB and ISMN. The presentation continued in the laboratory area of the MiC space, where there were some practical demonstrations on the materials being studied and experimentation in the GREENART project.

The events were directly organized by the ABAP Superintendence of Chieti-Pescara, with the collaboration of CSGI, CNR ISMN and CNR IPSB and the participation of the superintendent Cristina Collettini and the conservator M. Isabella Pierigè, project manager contact for Sabap Ch-Pe. Piero Baglioni, Coordinator of the GREENART project, CSGI/University of Florence, David Chelazzi, researcher for the CSGI/University of Florence, addressed the theme of nanostructured fluids and green gels for the conservation of painted artworks pictorial,  Giovanna Poggi, researcher for the CSGI/University of Florence, presented Green consolidants for the reinforcement and protection of fibrous materials, Gabriella Di Carlo, Senior Researcher  and Francesca Boccaccini both at CNR ISMN, discussed the topic of Coatings green for the protection of metal artefacts, Letizia Verdolotti, Senior Researcher for the CNR IPSB spoke about sustainable polyurethane foams for the packaging of cultural properties.