02 November 2023

Nanogels and Nanomaterials in the Field of Conservation: Theory and Applications (Los Angeles, 16-20 October 2023)
A one week training just took place at Los Angeles County Museum of Art and J. Paul Getty Museum
Trainers: Piero Baglioni (PB), Antonio Mirabile (AM)
The training, organized by LACMA Conservation Center, Paintings Conservation Department at the J. Paul Getty Museum and GREENART EU funded project explores the world of Nano, Colloidal and Surface Sciences applied to the conservation of cultural heritage, creating a workshop that focused on two essential sections:
✔ Lectures and presentations on the theoretical, research and implementation aspects of Nano, Colloid and Surface Sciences relevant to conservation
✔ Practical workshops around the application methodologies and the use of new materials and methodology specifically formulated for the conservation of cultural heritage

Thank you Laura Maccarelli, Devi Ormond and Jessica Chasen for the perfect organisation!