19 December 2023

The General Assembly of the Horizon Europe GREENART project was held in Naples (Italy) on 14 and 15 December 2023, at the end of the first Reporting Period.

The month 15 meeting took place in presence with active participation by the partners at the evocative venue of the Hotel Royal Continental.

The GREENART General Assembly strengthened the alliances between the research centres, universities, scientific laboratories, and museums involved, showing the outstanding collaboration between Art and Science institutions at the core of the GREENART project, where case studies are carried out in the real target environment of museum collections to validate the green scientific solutions developed to clean, protect, consolidate, packaging and monitor the works of art.

During the 2-days meeting the partners shared the main updates, presenting the technical progress of the project, the main activities carried out in the first year and the most important results obtained:

  • The Centre for Colloid and Surface Science (CSGI), project coordinator, presented the Scientific and financial management plan for the new year (WP1).
  • The state of advancement of WP2 Green cleaning systems, aimed to allow controlled and safe removal of soil and aged/detrimental layers from the surface of works of art, was presented by CSGI and all partners involved.
  • The research results on Green protective coatings aimed to provide long-term protection of works of art from pollutants, humidity and other degradation/corrosion agents (WP3) were presented by the National Research Council and all partners involved.
  • The development of Green consolidants and packaging materials (WP4), aimed at strengthening fragile works of arts and supports as well as providing safe storage/transport of artefacts, was shared by Chalmers Tekniska Hogskola and all partners involved.
  • The research results of WP5 Green Tech for monitoring, aimed at developing green tech solutions for monitoring CH assets non-invasively against pollutants and changes of environmental conditions, were showed by Idryma Technologias Kai Erevnas and all partners involved.
  • The Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia updated the consortium on WP6 Life Cycle Safety and Sustainability Assessment, presenting the main results obtained on task 6.1 Chemical safety assessment.
  • Partner beWarrant showed the main communication and dissemination activities carried out at the first year of the project (WP7). The state of art of GREENART open access publications realized, conferences attended, and training events organized has been highlighted, and the GREENART project video has been presented during the meeting. The planning of training and dissemination events in the 6 upcoming months concluded the meeting.

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