14 June 2024

In response to the severe flooding caused by heavy rains in May 2024, the Ministry of Integration and Regional Development has declared a state of public calamity in several regions of Rio Grande do Sul, including Porto Alegre. The devastating floods have impacted both outdoor cultural objects and entire indoor collections, posing a significant risk to the cultural heritage of the region.

The “GREENART in Action for the Cultural Heritage of Porto Alegre” initiative is urgently mobilizing to address this crisis. Our goals include:

  • Task Force for Recovery of Cultural Assets: We aim to form a highly qualified team to assist in the recovery of cultural objects in Porto Alegre. The cultural heritage of Rio Grande do Sul is deeply tied to the identity and pride of its people, and its restoration is crucial for the community’s morale and reconstruction efforts. The GREENART project will provide the necessary expertise and manpower for this critical task.
  • Creation of a Flood Memorial: We plan to establish a Flood Memorial in Porto Alegre. This memorial will serve as a city-wide museum route, highlighting the most affected areas and addressing significant aspects such as honoring the deceased, representing the collective pain, celebrating the volunteers, and emphasizing the impacts of climate change and denialism.
  • Data Systematization of Affected Institutions: We will collect and systematize data on the collections of institutions affected by the floods. This information will be made available on a research platform to document damage and degradation processes, facilitating future conservation and documentation efforts.

Call for Support

We urgently seek support in the following areas:

  • Governmental: Collaboration with the city hall of Porto Alegre.
  • Volunteers: Individuals willing to join our recovery team.
  • Financial: Funding for the purchase of materials, including GREENART project products.

Your support is crucial in helping us preserve the cultural heritage of Porto Alegre during this time of crisis. Together, we can mitigate the impact of this disaster and contribute to the region’s recovery and resilience.

Let’s unite for the cultural heritage of Porto Alegre.