22 November 2023

GREENART made significant contributions at the 1st conference of E-RIHS Slovenia, presenting groundbreaking insights into sustainable heritage science.

Oral Presentation: “Assessment of Organic and Inorganic Emissions of New and Recycled Packaging Boxes for Archival Paper Collections Stored in Different Environmental Conditions”

In the realm of heritage science, GREENART showcased its commitment to advancing the understanding, care, and sustainable use of cultural heritage.

About E-RIHS Slovenia: E-RIHS Slovenia encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration, fostering a research culture across diverse fields. Its mission aligns with the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science, promoting global engagement in Slovenian heritage science.

The Conference: Hosted at the University of Ljubljana, the conference convened experts, researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to discuss cutting-edge science, projects, and facilities in heritage science.

GREENART Spotlight: Title: “Assessment of Organic and Inorganic Emissions of New Packaging Boxes and Recycled Boxes by Deacidification for Archival Paper Collections Stored in Different Environmental Conditions” Presenters: Randa Deraz, Fabiana Di Gianvincenzo, Ivan Mitevski, Manfred Anders, Katharina Schuhmann, Jasna Malešič, Matija Strlič, Abdelrazek Elnaggar.

Key Outcomes:

  • Identification of environmentally preferable packaging materials.
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) modeling for packaging boxes and paper collections.
  • Preliminary results indicate the influence of material type and age on emitted compounds during accelerated aging.

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